Magic and pro wrestling

I don’t know how this came up exactly. I might have been levitating a fork at the dinner table. Anyway, my brother said magic is fake like professional wrestling.

I guess he meant it as an insult.

But he’s right. Magicians and pro wrestlers, and their fans, have a lot in common. Both magic acts and pro wrestling shows have a proud history of featuring blood and violence (Penn and Teller, The Amazing Johnathan, and Barry and Stuart come to mind). They both invite a suspension of disbelief. Fans know they’re fake, but still, if it’s a good show, some are left wondering anyway. The fields favor those who play extreme characters. They both require years of intense discipline to perform well — that is, perform something that many people will never appreciate.

What if we started a new league, the World Magical Combat Federation? Dueling magicians would use whatever it takes to bring the other into submission.

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